When Exactly Does the 'Scramble' Begin?

Now is the time when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

“MSNBC Scrambles Behind the Scenes to Change Its Vitriolic Culture.”

— Headline, Big Journalism, Sunday.


● “Ed Schultz Slimes Grover Norquist: May Be ‘Race Baiting’ With Anti-Obama Union Ads.”

— Headline, Newsbusters, today.

If there’s anybody race baiting here, it’s of course, Ed Schultz. (Last seen declaring the burned out husk his fellow Democrats  made of Detroit a “conservative utopia.”)  But then, what anchors at MSNBC aren’t engaging in this practice?

So, when exactly does the “scramble” to clean up MSNBC’s racialist culture actually begin?  But then, if MSNBC actually abandoned its efforts at broadcasting Jim Crow TV, what would they have left?Of course, that question could also be asked of the all-racialism-all-the-time Democrats far beyond the walls of the NBC broadcasting studios, as well. Or as John Hinderaker asked at Power Line at the start of the month, “Why is this effort so insistent? Why are we constantly bombarded with allegations of racism, at the very time when actual racism has dwindled to insignificance?”

The motive, it seems obvious, is political. The Democratic Party desperately needs to keep African-American voters on its plantation if it is to have any hope of maintaining power. (Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama by 20 points among white voters in 2012, according to some estimates.) Because Americans in their daily lives rarely see evidence of racism, but are often reminded of the ubiquity of affirmative action, liberals in the news media must keep up a constant stream of tales about purported racism in order to create an alternative reality. Sowing racial division is a core strategy of the Democratic Party, and newspapers and magazines are its agents in executing that strategy.


If headlines like this are still popping up in the summer and fall of 2014, expect MSNBC to crank up the racialism to far beyond the  #11 marker on their Marshall stacks.



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