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“Today’s Matt Lauer And Al Roker To Get Live Prostate Exams On Tomorrow’s Show,” Deadline Hollywood reported on Wednesday:

More than 13 years ago, morning infotainment ratings leader Today aired Katie Couric’s Celebrity Colonoscopy and changed how many Americans viewed that screening. Tomorrow, Matt Lauer and Al Roker will get prostate exams live, on the air, on the now-ratings-hungry morning show. When Today made a star of Couric’s colon in March 2000, nearly 6.7 million viewers tuned in to watch that day. To put that in perspective, it’s about how many viewers tuned in to Today for updates the morning after President Obama successfully pulled off the taking down of Osama bin Laden. [All by himself, apparently — Ed] Hoping to re-create the ratings magic, Lauer and Roker will get their prostates checked out, live, by a doctor and discuss the importance of prostate screening for men over 40.


As if watching the Today Show didn’t feel enough like a prostate exam for the viewer before this ratings stunt…



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