The Wild, The Innocent, and the O Street Shuffle

Bruce Springsteen in 1985: “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.”

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Bruce Springsteen today? Blind faith in Mr. Obama is totally awesome.

Ann Althouse and her husband wonder why the Boss is Silent on Syria. “Where’s Bruce Springsteen? He helped Obama get elected. Shouldn’t he weigh in on the Syria question?”

Asks Meade, after he sings along awhile with the song I’m playing on my iTunes as a consequence of that “Oh” discussion in the previous post.

I say: “Yeah, what are all the celebrities saying about Syria? Are any of them talking now?” They loved to love Obama on the issues they loved to love him about. They helped America love him, and they looked so lovable loving him like that. But they won’t look so pretty talking up a war, so I think they’re off somewhere else. La la.

What was the song Meade sang? It wasn’t Bruce Springsteen. I’ve got zero Springsteen in my iTunes. In that earlier post, we were listing our songs that begin with “Oh,” and American Liberal Elite, tweaking the rules, said “Ohio.” So here at Meadhouse, it was tin soldiers and Nixon coming, we’re finally on our own….

And what does Neil Young think about Syria? Neil did have an Obama-era song about war. Guess what? War became complex and nuanced. He sang: “When I sing about love and war/I don’t really know what I’m saying.” He explained that love and war are “very deep subjects.”


Well, that pretty much leaves rock out of the equation, alas.

Last year, while Springsteen was endorsing Obama once again, Leon Wieseltier, his fellow leftist, writing in the New Republic, dubbed Springsteen, “the least dangerous man in America.” Here’s Springsteen’s chance to stand up and show he’s his own man; he’s not a bought and paid-for tool of the DNC. Will he seize the moment?

Of course not. As Althouse writes, “There’s always Obama good, Bush bad. Love Obama. Hate Bush. Everything becomes so deep and complex when you’re contemplating the one you love.”

I’d insert the obligatory link to “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” but today’s left cheerfully allow themselves to get fooled every time.


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