Lice and the City

I’m pretty sure James Taranto would file this one under his “Questions Nobody is Asking” category. “Is Sex And The City responsible for the demise of pubic lice?”, ponders the London Daily Mail. “Doctors say bikini waxing made popular by the show has caused cases to plummet:”


It has been credited with sharpening women’s fashion sense and promoting the single lifestyle.

But the TV series Sex And The City has had another unexpected outcome – helping to rid the world of pubic lice.

There has been a huge decline in recent years in the number of cases of lice, with clinicians claiming that the rising popularity of Hollywood or Brazilian-style bikini waxes is the cause.

Doctors from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) believe they can link the lice decrease with the airing of an episode of Sex and the City in 2000 which sparked the waxing trend.

The episode shows several of the main characters – Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha – undergoing a wax where all the hair is removed.

Well, that’s more of a health benefit than Time-Warner-CNN-HBO can show for going all-in to promote the “joys” of ObamaCare. (Though even the Daily Mail admits at the end of its link-bait article that there may be other factors involved.)

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