Obama's Limo Breaks Down; Women, Children, CNN Hardest Hit

This is CNN, where, “‘Real reporter’ CNN’s Sara Sidner [is] absolutely humiliated by having to report Obama’s limo breakdown” in Israel, Twitchy notes.


Still though, give the Time-Warner-CNN-HBO division credit; they could have airbrushed the news out of existence, or baked a cake to help The One get over his depression.

Hopefully the CNN anchors are sharing a nice happy Obama fist bump right now to celebrate their own getting past this traumatic event.

Oh, and how’s the limo? It’s not quite ready for the death panel, but it does look rather ignominious being towed through Israel in the photo atop this New York Post article:

President Obama’s armored Cadillac limo, which was supposed to schlep him around the Holy Land, broke down.

According to Israeli’s Channel 2, the cause of the mishap was a simple error all motorists try to avoid.

“The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than [gasoline],” the channe quoted a source, which recently scored an interview with Obama, reported – in case there was any doubt that the host government wasn’t to blame.

The Secret Service scrambled today to fly in a backup vehicle. The custom-made car — known as “the beast” — has thick armored plating and other security features. It’s likely there was another presidential limo in Jordan, where Obama is scheduled to visit Friday.


Meanwhile, Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post asks the ultimate question: Just the what the heck is Obama hoping to accomplish with this mysterious visit?

Related: Richard Fernandez of the Belmont Club on “The Inscrutable Barack Obama.”

Update: Finally — now it all makes sense:




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