You Stay Classy, DiFi

“Calling the NRA ‘venal,’ Feinstein insults legal gun owners,” Eric Golub writes in the Washington Times:

To attack the NRA as “venal” or an organization as “Nazis” is a casual and indirect way to express contempt for millions of Americans and their beliefs while maintaining plausible deniability.

It is a lot like attacking the “Jewish lobby” while avoiding the charge of anti-Semitism. It is disturbing but unsurprising that a liberal Jew like Feinstein would fail to understand that.

My father is a Holocaust survivor and an NRA member. If more Jews had been armed during the Holocaust, there might have been more dead Nazis and fewer dead Jews by the end of the war.

Is it Feinstein’s intent to imply that people like my father are venal for wanting to make sure that the words “never again” mean exactly that?


(Via 5’F)


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