'Welcome to the MSNBC, Er, Democratic Convention'

Actual headline found at that rightwing rethuglican neocon deathbeast hate-site…the New York Times?

At Newsbusters, Noel Sheppard writes:

A few months ago, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh accused NBC News of being “an annex of the Democratic National Committee.”

On Wednesday, the New York Times published an article titled “Welcome to the MSNBC, Er, Democratic Convention” that largely made Limbaugh’s case:

Sure, the events here in Charlotte are a national celebration of the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee. But in many ways, it’s the MSNBC Convention.

Network, party and partisan moment have collided, felicitously, in Charlotte. MSNBC’s on-air personalities are mobbed in the street, snarling pedestrian traffic. Its network-branded pins, coffee cups and tote bags are ubiquitous collectors’ items for delegates. Its promotional posters and banners are so ostentatious that Willie Geist, an MSNBC host, has compared them to North Korean propaganda. […]

Four years ago, there was open anxiety inside MSNBC over having the unabashedly partisan Keith Olbermann anchor convention coverage. But the era of liberal hand-wringing appears to have passed. “I feel they are part of this convention,” explained Lorret Battist, a 58-year-old MSNBC fan from Atlanta, who excitedly snapped a picture of Mr. Scarborough on the sidewalk on Tuesday. “They are in tune with the people here.”


And in keeping with the Olbermann/Sharpton-esque themes of the week, here’s today’s Godwin’s Law violation, courtesy of Dick Harpootlian:

And who is Dick… Harpootlian, I hear you ask?  Why, he’s the head of the Democratic party in South Carolina!


Yeah, I know: there’s little that you could do to the man that’s more degrading than being that.  Still, old Dick seems to be living down to the job:

On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”

Harpootlian – hold on: let me poison the well a little by noting that gay-baiting is apparently his favorite shtick; admittedly, it’s not apropos to this conversation, but it’s always nice to note that for Democrats speech codes are things that other people have to follow – managed to then insult the entire South Carolina electorate (“An educated population would not elect a Nikki Haley”) before somebody came to deniably yank the mike from his hands.

Meanwhile, ABC commits…journalism?

The Obama campaign rolled out the red carpet this week for a former top Energy Department official who was at the center of the ill-fated government loan to Solyndra, a California solar panel firm that wound up in bankruptcy.

Steven J. Spinner joined other top fundraisers for a VIP tour of the Democratic National Convention floor in Charlotte Monday evening, posing and waving for a photographer while standing behind the podium. When he saw ABC News cameras, however, he ran for the exit.


Finally a reminder that the Democrats’ convention this year is all a woman’s right to choose — except when it isn’t:

That last link via Steve Green, our friendly-neighborhood Vodkapundit. It’s enough to make a person want to drink — which is exactly what Steve will be doing tonight, when he drunkblogs former president Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC.



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