10th Avenue Freeze Out

Occupy Wall Street has only been existence for a month or so, but given that its mindset is trapped in the 1970s, it seems only fair that it’s already suffering through its first energy crisis:


Lawyers working on behalf of Occupy Wall Street protesters are demanding that New York City’s fire department return generators taken from protesters.

The lawyers say they’re getting reports of hypothermia in Zuccotti Park, where protesters are camping out. A weekend snowstorm brought freezing temperatures – after the generators were confiscated, along with fuel. Officials said they could cause fires.

In a letter to the department, the attorneys associated with the New York chapter of the National Lawyer Guild say the seizures were only “a pretext” for “freezing out” the activists.

Guild official Gideon Oliver says the action deprived hundreds of people of heat a day before snow was forecast, putting them in harm’s way. He called it “a clearly calculated move to break the occupation.”

But how can an environmentally-obsessed movement even own generators in the first place? Fortunately, this fellow has a solution. Naturally, bicycles are involved:

And speaking of OWS and energy — what she said!



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