'Sex is a Turn Off for Girl Gamers'

Video games are leading to a frightening impasse between genders: guys who get too obsessed with them risk becoming too dorky-looking to be desirable to many women. Women who get too into video games become, well, we’ll let’s let the UK Sun take it from here, as it’s their frightening headline that claims, “Sex is a turn off for girl gamers:”


WOMEN have proved they have a real passion for gaming – after voting they prefer their PlayStations over sex.

An astonishing 84 PER CENT of girls said they preferred getting their hands on a games controller instead of their fella.

That beat the 70 per cent of women who said they would choose sex over a night in with their favourite console, in the survey by Doritos.

The findings follow the launch of Doritos Dip Desperado – a free mobile app and Facebook game – which offers fans entertainment at their fingertips as well as the chance to score not just points but real prizes.

Say, for both sexes, aren’t the Doritos the likely real culprit here?

(H/T: The Tatler.)



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