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It is with mixed emotions that the powers at be at PJM and I have mutually decided to end PJM Political, our series which ran on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio’s POTUS channel from that channel’s launch in September of 2007 until this weekend. We will very likely continue to do audio podcasts here on the main PJM site from time to time, and of course, Pajamas Media’s PJTV cranks out loads of high-definition Internet video every day. (And of course, I’ll still be blogging up a storm and producing my own videos, on my PJ Express blog with that brilliantly transcendent title, Ed Driscoll.com)


To hear our last show, click below to listen:


(Want to download instead of streaming? Click here to download this week’s show. Or click here to download the lo-fi edition.)

Join host Stephen Green of VodkaPundit.com for a look at DC and beyond:

  • Host Steve Green, Scott Ott of Scrappleface.com, and Bill Whittle of PJTV and Declaration Entertainment in a segment taken from PJTV.com’s weekly Trifecta show, nominate their man of the year for 2010.
  • Taken from PJTV.com’s Poliwood series, Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd explore the new film starring Annette Benning, The Kids are Alright, and explain what it says about America in 2011, and why it’s a potential Oscar sleeper.
  • Glenn Reynolds interviews Ohio University’s Richard Vedder, author of Going Broke By Degree, who explains why college isn’t for everyone.
  • PJM Political Producer Ed Driscoll looks back at the politicians, advisors, celebrities and dignitaries who’ve appeared over the course of the show’s three seasons, with soundbites from:
  • Senator John McCain
  • Former Senator Fred Thompson
  • Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee (plus James Lileks on 2007’s brief “Huckabee boomlet!”)
  • Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney
  • Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
  • Steve Westly, eBay, co-founder, California Campaign Co-chair for Obama ’08
  • Steve Maviglio, Democratic strategist for Hillary Clinton ‘08
  • Michelle Malkin’s harrowing run-in with a “truther” during the 2008 Democratic Convention
  • From the film’s premiere at the 2008 GOP convention, American Carol’s Jon Voight
  • Austin Bay’s interview with General David Petraeus
  • John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Roger L. Simon, Bill Whittle, and Tammy Bruce from PJTV’s marathon all-day coverage of the first national Tea Parties on April 15, 2009
  • Roger’s interview with Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US
  • Steve Green’s December 2010 interview with Sen Orrin Hatch
  • And to promote the show’s launch in September of 2007, an offer from Ed they could refuse

[youtube FmlCAtqFuIQ]

A big thanks to Steve Green for being such a superb host and adding a tremendous amount of energy and humor to the show. And an equally big thanks to our listeners for their support of the show over the years. If you missed any recent edition of PJM Political, click here and scroll through for hours of audio archives. And tune in to Pajamas Media’s PJTV.com channel for ongoing video coverage throughout the coming year.


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