Ezra, Coordinate! Ezra, Coordinate!

“Where’s Journolist When You Need It,” the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper quips, after spotting this item from, as Halper points out, former  (and possibly current?) JournoList member Sam Stein at the Huffington Post:


In a meeting at the Capitol on Thursday, Senate Democrats, senior staff, and an official with the Obama White House charted out an aggressive communications strategy designed specifically to avoid the perils of last August’s recess.

According to sources in attendance and those briefed on the meeting, there were three distinct takeaways. The president will be playing an active and public role making a contrast between his agenda and the GOP’s obstruction in the months ahead; non-governmental groups will help earn media coverage and drive the narrative; and there will be intense emphasis on keeping all candidates, offices and parties coordinated on the same message.

Time for the self-proclaimed Non-Official Obama Campaign to swing back into action. (Not that it ever went away of course.)

And speaking of the JournoList, “Look who is back at the Washington Post.”

Yet another classic moment to add to the Kremlinologist-style list of strange doings at the Post.


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