North Berkeley Forty

It’s hard out there for an eco-obsessed football player!

Much like GE and NBC before him, “Tom Brady Urges World to Turn Off Lights for One Hour, But Not During a Pats Night Game” Doug Ross writes.


Meanwhile, the Sierra Club tries to guilt beer drinkers into chugging “tasty, eco-friendly ales” for St. Patrick’s Day.  (Which of course, begs the question: are you celebrating Christianity or its successor religion?)

And if you’re thinking of switching to the hard stuff, forgetaboutit:  “Cocaine users were last night accused” by the British government of “helping to make global warming worse.”

So no bright lights, no coke, no beer. That would leave the characters in Pete Gent’s classic sports novel and film North Dallas Forty with very little to do.

Well, except for hunting and fishing, of course.

At least for the moment.



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