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“UK Greenpeace Chief Calls on Pachauri to Resign: Al Gore Still Silent:”

Even the leadership of Greenpeace UK understands that low scientific standards and reckless disregard for the truth are destroying the credibility of the global warming community, and John Sauven has the courage and integrity to speak up about it.  Al Gore, who shared the Nobel Prize with Rajendra Pachauri and the increasingly discredited IPCC, has a special responsibility to environmentalists and others in the United States to clearly state that bad science and poor judgment have no place in the leadership of the movement to stop climate change.

Mr. Gore, it’s past time to speak up.


On the other hand, Al’s likely in no rush, as America’s state-run media continues to hide the decline, as the Professor writes:

SO I WAS QUOTED IN THIS NPR STORY ON ANDREW BREITBART, which was pretty good, really. But this story — which on my station ran right afterward — really underscores Breitbart’s point about the media trying to control the narrative. It’s all about a crumbling coastal building in California and the threat of coastal erosion from “climate change.” If you listen closely, the story doesn’t quite say that the seas are rising and that’s why that building is in trouble, but it certainly gives that impression. And it never admits that there are any questions about the whole climate-change debate. Narrative, indeed.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Age maintains handles the issue with a unique and nuanced sensitivity to the players involved.



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