America's Official Presidential Sniff Tester

Who better than Iowahawk himself to educate voters on the important role our nation’s 29th state plays in presidential politics:

Iowa is a Microcosm of America. A one-day national presidential primary (as some analysts have recommended) would be prohibitively expensive for all but the most well-funded candidates, and make ‘dark horse’ campaigns virtually impossible. Democracy is better served by a small scale contest that allows for grassroots candidates to build momentum, while representing the country as a whole. Luckily, Iowa is an almost perfect miniaturized 1/100th scale model of the United States. For example, Northeastern iowa is filled with gritty and glitzy urban financial centers like Dubuque, “Iowa’s New York.” Iowa’s Missouri River West Coast teems with hi-tech Gay entertainment centers like Sioux City (“The San Francisco of Iowa”) and Council Bluffs (“The Malibu of Iowa”). With its fashionable supermodel nightclubs and machine gun-wielding drug lords, far southeastern Keokuk is our Miami Beach. And, in the center of it all, there is Des Moines, which is famous as “the Des Moines of Iowa.”

Iowa is also widely known as “The Diversity State,” with its vibrant Norwegian-American community and its equally vibrant German-American community, not to mention a growing population of German-Norwegian-American halfbreed mestizos. And, according to the most recent U.S. Census, Iowa has twice as many African-Americans as New Hampshire, and both of them are keenly involved in the political process.


Read the whole thing, then drop by this week’s edition of PJM Political for more Iowa-tastic politics!

Update: As if Iowahawk’s introduction isn’t enough, he’s also live blogging the rich futuristic psychosexual fission that is the Iowa Caucus.


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