"The Bourne Ultimatum Made Me Sick"

Tammy Bruce writes that “From what I was able to handle”, The Bourne Ultimatum is “a great movie”:

But literally, it made me sick–motion sick. I wasn’t sitting too close, maybe ten rows back, but it made me sick the way some computer games do–nauseous from the fast movement and camera moves.


It made P.J. Gladnick sick for other reasons. But what can you expect from a film whose lead actor so publicly trashes the very character whose nearly half-century of boffo box office made his movie’s genre possible?

Incidentally, I almost always sit as close to the back of the theater as possible to avoid the same reaction that Tammy describes, especially when seeing an action movie. Surviving The Blair Witch Project in particular and its two hours of non-stop handheld camera work without tossing my popcorn is one of my proudest moments as a moviegoer.



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