A Tasty Question To Ponder

When you call The Left Bank, a Bay Area of chain of high end French restaurants, and they put you on hold (as I found out today when I made a reservation), a recording of a woman with a beautiful Gallic accent says, “Bonjour, and thank you for calling! In France, good food is a right. That’s why here at the Left Bank…”


I’m not up on the current state of government benefits in France, so who knows–maybe truffles and foie gras really are the right of every Frenchman on the dole. (After all, you can work up quite an appetite after a hard day’s night of torching Citroens.) But found via TCS, The Christian Science Monitor asks some great questions: If healthcare is a human right, as the average New York Times reader thinks it is, then why isn’t food? And what would happen if it were?

Read the whole thing–but pour a nice glass of Lillet Blonde on the rocks before you do.


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