The NFL Meets C.D.S.

Yahoo sports writer Charles Robinson discovers that many of his readers have nasty cases of what might dubbed Condi Derangement Syndrome:

If Condoleezza Rice ever decides to make good on her aspirations to be NFL commissioner, she might want to serve her term wearing a helmet.

After mentioning Rice’s attraction to the commissioner’s job, the mailbag was hit with a backlash rarely seen in the month of March. Readers were aghast that she was even mentioned in the wake of Paul Tagliabue’s retirement announcement. And while it was noted that Rice wasn’t considered a real candidate for Tagliabue’s seat, that didn’t stop fans from lobbing hand grenades into the mailbag.


He seems genuinely surprised. I can’t say I am, after watching the wall of insanity that the Bush White House must deal with every day from the Washington press corps, and that conservative blogger Ben Domenech faced this week before any whiff of his plagiarism was discovered.

Somebody should write a book about this sort of stuff!



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