I Am Charlotte Von Mises

Donald Luskin says there’s “signs of life amidst the leftist graveyard known as academia”, and posts an email that highlights a debate between a small-l libertarian economics major at a California university and his “very liberal” professor who “shares an office with an econ professor who is an avowed Socialist”.


Meanwhile James Taranto writes:

If you’re a college student fed up with heavy-handed leftism from the faculty, here’s a chance to do something about it, and possibly end up on the silver screen…Evan Coyne Maloney, a young New York-based documentarian, is looking for students to help the full-length version of his film “Brainwashing 101.”

Taranto suggests that if you have kids who’re in college, you might want to forward his column to them.

Update: On the flip side, Jim Lindgren looks at two Nobel Prize-winning free market economists who were driven out of the University of Virginia during the 1960s for “being on the wrong side of history” back in those Galbraith-dominated central planning days.



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