The Speech

While Glenn was playing poker (which makes a nice presidential metaphor, by the way), and Steve was testing the very limits of his liver, I had to drop my car off late last night at the dealer for its regular service, so I ended up listening to President Bush’s speech in the car (and in my wife’s car on the drive back). I had to leave my den (and its TV) just after the film narrated by Fred Thompson ended and President Bush emerged from those magic panel twin flags on the stage to give his speech.


Does this ever happen to the New York Times? (“All The News That Fit To Print, Except When Our Car Is In The Shop”.)

What did I think of the speech? Brilliant introduction and set-up via the movie (and yes, I did immediately think the bit about throwing out the first pitch was a way to tweak Senator Kerry’s poor performance in Boston in late July).

The more-or-less small government more-or-less libertarian in me could have done without the laundry list of domestic plans for the second term. As Cliff May wrote in “The Corner“, “Can’t we just leave one child behind?”

But I’m assuming this stuff must play well with viewers.

I don’t know if President Bush was more engaged during the second half of the speech, when he started talking about the War on Terror, or if it was simply the inherent drama in these statements, but it was much more interesting stuff.


The New York Times in 1946 was brilliant–I said to my wife in the car that the Blogosphere is going to go crazy over that.

The humor worked perfectly, and was a great way to bring it to an end. As Steve wrote:

For all its faults, for all its overtly- and overly-religious tones, this small-l libertarian prefers George Bush


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