BECAUSE THE MEN IN THE BABY-BLUE HELMETS CAN’T PROTECT THEMSELVES: Matt Drudge writes that “The United States has asked more than a dozen countries to join a new international military force to protect the United Nations in Iraq, according to late reports from Washington tonight”:


Bush Admin has approached France, which led opposition to the war in Iraq, as well as India, Pakistan and other nations that were reluctant to join the U.S.-led coalition that invaded Iraq.

The list includes ‘a good global mix,’ said a State Department official familiar with the proposed force.

But no Arab countries or neighbors of Iraq are on the list, with Turkey notably absent.

Senator Kerry told NPR today:

The alternative to that is to get off your high horse and begin to show a little humility and begin to share responsibility and share risk and ask the world to come to this effort. The world has a legitimate effort, a legitimate interest in not having a failed Iraqi state. The world has a legitimate interest in beating back terror, and it is astonishing to me that given the legitimacy of that interest, this administration has managed to proceed so unilaterally. There are so few allies who are genuinely there both in serious numbers of troops taking risks and serious amounts of money committed to this.

Let’s see if Kerry’s friends agree with him.


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