50-50 OR 60-40? The last

50-50 OR 60-40? The last presidential election revealed a bitterly divided nation, and many experts believe November could be just as close. Others however, believe that the nation may have moved further to the right as a result of 9/11.


If either prediction is true, why on Earth is Hollywood alienating at least half its audience? As the Professor writes, “And they wonder why viewership is down”.

In the old days, television sponsors and network broadcast standards departments kept a close eye on scripts, as well as finished shows before they aired, so as not to offend audiences. They understood that, as the late Steve Allen once put it, “When on television you were the guest of the family in the family’s home”. And that meant families of both major political parties. Hollywood deliberately chose to forget that idea in the last twenty years–and most modern sponsors don’t care as long as profits are up, and the board can rub shoulders with the stars at the next board meeting or trade show.

UPDATE: Captain Ed (no relation) also has some thoughts.



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