LIMBAUGH ON ESPN UPDATE: Back on Monday, July 14, we wrote that Rush Limbaugh will go on ESPN’s NFL pre-game show each week…

…and discuss nothing but football. Meanwhile, his detractors will start foaming at the mouth at what an evil, vile, racist, awful, dangerous, psychotic Nazi he is. Sort of a dispersed version of the how James Taranto described what the protests outside the Republican convention in New York will be like.


Back on Saturday, July 26, 2003, we linked to an essay by Sports Illustrated’s longtime commentator, Paul “Dr. Z.” Zimmerman, who really did sound like he was foaming at the mouth talking about Limbaugh.

Yesterday, a new controversy emerged, as AP and Sports Illustrated columnists took shot after shot after shot at Limbaugh for his comments regarding Donovan McNabb, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sports Illustrated is of course owned by Time-Warner, which also owns CNN. ESPN is owned by ABC/Disney. Limbaugh claims the flurry of articles is payback for his comments regarding CNN’s coverage of Iraq.

Whatever the case, it’s truly fascinating to watch the liberal sports media manufacturing dissent. Maybe Rush should have read Rod Dreher’s latest column–it’s advice to conservatives in newsrooms.

UPDATE: Scott Hogenson of has some thoughts.

UPDATE: Limbaugh counterpunches, here.

UPDATE: And–surprisingly–resigns from ESPN, here.



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