“A RERUN OF A BAD MOVIE”: President Bush says:

“This business about more time, how much time do we need to see clearly that he’s not disarming?” Bush told reporters after meeting with economists to tout his tax-cutting plan.

* * *
“It appears to be a rerun of a bad movie. He is delaying. He is deceiving. He is asking for time. He’s playing hide and seek with inspectors. One thing for sure is, he’s not disarming,” Bush said. “So the United States of America, in the name of peace, will insist that he does disarm and we will keep pressure” on Iraq.”

In a flash of impatience, Bush said of reluctant allies, “Surely our friends have learned lessons from the past.”


Of course, one reason that some “allies” are so reluctant is that they may have contributed to Iraq’s arms buildup.

In other Iraq news, inspectors may have discovered Saddam’s ongoing nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter is rumored to have booked recording sessions with Pete Townshend.

UPDATE: Steven Den Beste does a little supposing about what happens if after we’re victorous in Iraq, we announce German and French complicity in helping Iraq build WMDs.


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