"HAM-HANDED" is the word the

“HAM-HANDED” is the word the Internet Movie Database to describe the entertainment industry’s efforts to halt digital piracy–and they’re right. Here’s the full blurb, from their Movie & TV News page:


Focusing renewed attention on the entertainment industry’s ham-handed efforts to halt digital piracy, Apple Computer has issued instructions on how to eject a protected CD from its popular iMac machines if it locks up the computer. The Campaign for Digital Rights reported last week that several protected CDs, including Celine Dion’s new A New Day Has Come, will lock iMacs and prevent them from being restarted. Meanwhile, today’s (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times reported that a group of Hollywood studios, technology companies and consumer-electronics manufacturers wants to place “electronic locks” on all over-the-air TV programs that would prevent them from being recorded onto blank DVDs.



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