Dr. Helen

Is Feminist Brainwashing a Form of Child Abuse?

“If not, maybe it should be,” I thought after reading about the University of Kansas’s latest foray into indoctrinating parents and their children with the idea that gender doesn’t matter:

This semester, the University of Kansas will be hosting a “feminist parenting group.” The group will explore “strategies for raising intersectional feminist children” and “empower parents and caregivers to raise children who challenge gender stereotypes and kyriarchy.” (Since kyriarchy isn’t a word, I looked it up on Everyday Feminism, where they use lots of made-up words, and found this definition: “Kyriarchy is best theorized as a complex pyramidal system of intersecting multiplicative social structures of superordination and subordination, of ruling and oppression.” Yeah, makes total sense now.) The group will meet in person three times throughout the fall and continue to discuss this important topic via a Facebook group indefinitely.

If the basic assumptions of this group weren’t clear from all the fake words in its description, their Facebook group provides a couple helpful graphics that should leave us with no doubt. One describes a “gender reveal” party in which the M&Ms pouring from the cake are neither pink nor blue, but green. When asked what green means, the expectant parent says, “It’s time for gender theory 101. I have slides.” Another is a comic strip — also of a “gender reveal” party — in which the baby’s gender is revealed as “however they identify!” From this we can infer that the “gender stereotype” the group will be challenging is… gender itself.

I have heard of kids whose parents (mainly mothers) confused them so much with gender issues and social justice theories that they ended up with severe emotional problems. This brainwashing is troubling to say the least and forcing kids not to acknowledge gender or to act in politically correct ways may just backfire.

Our children are not social experiments and any parents willing to toy with their kids’ mental health like this needs to ask themselves why they would sacrifice their own children’s wellbeing to fulfill the political satisfaction of a PC university.