Dr. Helen

Congrats to Glenn Jacobs

I was approached by a local college student one day last May and handed a flyer about wrestler Glenn Jacobs who was running for Mayor in Knox County. I hadn’t voted in the primary yet and it was the last day to vote but I was busy and figured my vote made no difference. But the young man seemed sincere and I figured I would read up on his candidate.

But when I saw Jacobs was a wrestler and a libertarian and after reviewing his political stance, I headed down to the polls to vote for him. He won that election by 17 votes. Did my vote make a difference? I don’t know. But when I saw last night that Jacobs won the seat for mayor, I was glad I took time to run out and vote. He won by a larger margin last night at the general election:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Glenn Jacobs, the WWE wrestler known as Kane, has won the bout for mayor in Tennessee’s third largest county.

Jacobs, a Republican who also runs an insurance and real estate company, was leading Democrat Linda Haney by a large margin with most of the votes counted in Knox County on Thursday. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports Jacobs claimed victory at his watch party, saying his decision to seek the mayor’s job was met at first with “pretty resounding laughter” from some politicians.

Jacobs won a close primary in May. Results of the primary were delayed when the county’s election reporting website crashed after a concerted cyberattack that experts deemed “malicious.”

A libertarian wrestler as mayor, finally, some diversity.