#MeToo and Innocent Men

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John Hawkins has a post up on the #MeToo movement and  how it affects “normal” men:

Maybe all these people are creeps and everything is much worse than they are claiming it is. On the other hand, maybe they’re not. Maybe we’re just entering an era where a normal guy can have his life destroyed years or even decades later because an angry ex-girlfriend makes an allegation, a woman doesn’t like a man patting her on the back or because some woman changes her mind about what certainly must have seemed to him to be a consensual sexual encounter.

It’s great to root out the Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons types (if they’re guilty), but it’s not okay for legions of regular guys to lose their jobs and have their lives destroyed because they’re making an awkward attempt to find a girlfriend. If more of us aren’t willing to speak up, that seems to be exactly where all of this is going.


The problem with this hysterical movement is that it labels all men rapists, but that’s the idea.

Women today and their enablers are seeking to control all men–believe it.  John is right,  men must speak up.  If more men and their allies speak up and fight back, maybe this will be a fad rather than a new era of political and social control of half the human experience. Don’t stay silent.








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