Dr. Helen

The War on Men: Wolf Whistling Being Considered a Hate Crime

It seems that London is considering making wolf-whistling a hate crime:

Wolf whistling or making sexist remarks on London’s streets could become a hate crime.

The Metropolitan Police today revealed it is speaking with other UK forces to assess whether it is worth cracking down on gender-based hate crimes after a pilot scheme was launched in the East Midlands last year.

The trial, led by Nottinghamshire Police, saw sexist incidents like street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photos without consent recorded as hate crimes, carrying tougher penalties for offenders.

Police chiefs are now considering rolling out the idea elsewhere in the UK, suggesting a harsher stance on everyday sexism could stop it escalating into sexual harassment or assault.

The war on men is escalating as the #Me, Too women are using their current leverage to go after all men. Their eventual goal is to control men’s behavior, whether they are guilty or innocent.  If women in London ever wonder why no man wants to marry them, it’s acts like this that will have them single for the rest of their lives. By the time many of them are 50 or 60, the politics may have changed but they will be left wondering why their lives are so empty. Payback is a bitch.