Dr. Helen

Shouldn't a Medium Have Known She Was Getting Divorced?

I understand that some of you have no interest or even tolerance for silly TV shows about mediums but I have to admit that I used to love watching the Long Island Medium on TLC.  One of the fun parts of the show was that Theresa Caputo and her husband Larry were always joking and having fun and seemed to be a couple who really enjoyed each other. Sadly, now, not so much according to People Magazine:

Just three weeks before announcing her split from husband Larry, Theresa Caputo opened up about their strained dmarriage on her TLC show.

On the Nov. 13 episode of Long Island Medium, Theresa, 51, confessed that she and her husband of 28 years were going through a rough patch.

“Since the last season of Long Island Medium and through a period of time, Larry and I’s relationship has changed,” she shared with a close friend over dinner. “We’ve been there for each other, you know, through thick and thin, you know, good times, and right now are not such great times.”

“I don’t understand it,” she continued. “I lay in bed, and I say to myself, ‘How did this happen? How did I get here?’ ”

I think many couples can relate to this feeling–that the relationship was good and then, things changed and they end up divorced. Some couples seem destined for divorced and then others, like the Caputos seemed happy and then it is a surprise. I know, I know, it’s a show and their behavior is fake and /or staged. However, it still seems sad that a couple who seemed so happy is now caput.