Dr. Helen

It's not just the Media that's Unhinged on Trump

Everywhere one looks, there seems to be Trump hatred or some negative personality quirk of Trump’s that is worked into everyday life.  Kyle Smith at the NY Post has a good piece on how the unhinged coverage of Trump is hurting the media:

The unhinged coverage of all Trump scandals, real and imagined, has cost the media in the eyes of the public, among whom only 39 percent said they had a “great deal” or even “some” confidence in news outlets last November.

In the following months, the media tried to sell the idea that Trump supporters had been conned by “fake news” (based on a minuscule amount of Russian spending on Facebook propaganda that added up to the cost of less than a single airing of one commercial on a prime-time network TV show). But the cry of “fake news” was thrown right back in their face by Trump fans who sensed the claim was simply an attempt to distract from uncomfortable truths about Clinton’s shortcomings.

As of last month, still only 48 percent of Americans said they trusted the media, with 45 percent saying they have “hardly any” confidence in it. In other words, it’s basically a coin flip as to whether or not any given American thinks the media is just making stuff up. They aren’t, usually. But with every fashion glossy and sitcom star still beating a drum for Hillary a year after the election, while bashing Trump and everything he stands for from the front page to the sports section, can you blame people for losing respect for the press?

The media are correct in thinking they have an important duty in the Trump era. But the people are correct in noticing that the media is filtering everything through an obsessive hatred for Trump.

I was reading a book yesterday on how to deal with narcissistic people and of course, Trump was in there as an example as well as Sarah Palin (really, after the way the media treated her, she’s frankly a saint).  The book mentioned other people who were on the left like  Eliot Spitzer to give a fake air of neutrality but the longer negative stories about narcissistic politicians were mainly about those on the right.

It’s tiring when everywhere one turns, there is negativity about  Trump, and anything that is non-leftist. You can’t sit down in public to eat or pick up a book or magazine without being pummeled with negativity about non-leftist politics. It’s no wonder the public has so much less trust in the media, authors and even their neighbors.  A low trust environment leads to bad consequences and a country of people who are no longer tied together by being Americans but by being in the right (that is left)  political party. It will not end well.