Dr. Helen

The Hate I Learned from the New York Times

I am traveling and yesterday the Sunday edition of the New York  Times was placed outside the hotel door. I don’t usually read it much — but I thought, why not give it a chance? Big mistake. It’s filled with hate — embarrassingly so. What did I learn about hate?

I learned in one article that Christians were complicit in murder since they were not for gun control. In another I learned that some horrid socially conservative parents did not like their son’s new wife’s low-cut blouses that she wore to all events and these self-righteous jackasses should be looked down upon. And I found out that a friendly man asking what was going on at a women’s event in NY was not acknowledged and this sexism was seen as “fighting the patriarchy.”

In an article on “The Christian Case for Gun Control,  the author, Richard Parker, says that “failing to prevent murder is nearly as bad as the act of murder itself.”  Apparently, the way to do this is to get rid of guns: “Christianity demands action. It insists on the protections of the innocent.”  The article mentions that “the Jewish bystander is to rescue a person in peril. Islam requires the protection of innocent lives.”  Note that Christians are the problem here, but somehow Islam isn’t.    Yeah, right.

Another article shares some women’s event on Mercer Street in Soho where women in their 20s and 30s  are lining up but when a man walks by and asks why they are waiting,  no one answers him or notices him. “What business was it of his anyway?”  Behavior that most of the time would be thought of as rude is now seen as some kind of triumph for women.  But the women’s attitude and that of the Times is hate, plain and simple.