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Is Marriage Bad for Men's Health?

Studies frequently tell us that men are happier and healthier in marriage but that premise is not always true according to this study (via Sarah Hoyt):

The ups and downs of married life takes its toll on the heart of dads, a new study found.

The roller coaster relationship between spouses causes blood pressure, bad cholesterol and weight to rise and fall in men compared to those in a stable relationship.

When things are bad and the relationship deteriorating the blood pressure in men soar.

But when they got on better with their wives, men saw levels of their bad cholesterol and weight drop and generally saw cholesterol and blood pressure improve.

Studies have shown that marriage tends to be good for a man’s health and life expectancy.

But it has not been clear whether this observed link was influenced by the health of people entering into marriage or the protective effects of the marriage itself.

The culture and mean girlfriends often tell women to treat their husbands poorly, not even lending a helping hand to make a sandwich.