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Tennessee Woman Leaves Her Boyfriend in a Ditch

And she actually is arrested:

MURFREESOBORO, Tenn. (WATE) — A woman was charged after her boyfriend was found unconscious in a ditch.

The Murfressboro Police Department said Aftan Coursey, 27, told police she and her boyfriend went to Smyrna to buy heroin with their two small children in the car with them. When the couple arrived in Murfreesboro, she said her boyfriend, Joseph Johnson, stumbled and fell into a drainage ditch.

After Johnson fell in the drainage ditch, Coursey said she left him, went inside to put the kids to bed and snorted the rest of the heroin. She said at one point she went to check on Johnson after her 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son started asking where their daddy is. She said he was still unconscious in the ditch.

Detectives said Johnson was lying in the ditch for roughly an hour and a half before Coursey finally dialed 911. They said she tried to wake him by pouring cold water on him, hot candle wax and then hot water.

“This is not the way to try and revive somebody who may be suffering from some type of medical problem,” said Detective James Abbott with Murfreesboro Police.

Ya think?