Dr. Helen

Is Princess Syndrome a Thing?

The Grumpy Sloth blog (John Hawkins) has another interesting post up entitled “The 6 Worst Things About Online Dating For Guys.” I went through the list which included problems for men such as hot women who get so many emails they don’t write back, women who do write back but want to chat endlessly without meeting, possible unattractive women and generic profile pictures that don’t give much insight into a potential date. The last thing mentioned in online dating difficulties is a syndrome I hear described often by men:

6) ….Princess Syndrome. It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of women who are using online dating websites who have perceptions of their sexual market value wildly out of sync with reality. It’s fine to want a guy who is in great shape, charming, funny, romantic, doesn’t smoke, family-oriented, is a good provider and will treat you “like a princess” all while having the hair color and height you prefer, but you better be bringing a lot to the table, too. Online dating websites are full of…well, to be honest, pretty average women who seem to be under the impression that they have the drawing power of a 22 year old model. I’m not trying to put anyone down, but I am saying that if you want your own Prince Charming, then you better be Snow White.

While some men may have a similar tendency to want only women who meet certain qualifications, my guess is that women, particularly what Hawkins describes as “average” women tend to have this syndrome in higher numbers. The culture tells all women, but especially those who are “average” (whatever that means) that they are empowered, worth their weight in gold, and that they are worthy of the best and always deserve better. Never satisfied, women who need this message to get through their day will tend to be unhappy with you or have some underlying resentment about life in general.

My advice to men when looking for women to date is to avoid any woman with slogans like these on her Facebook page or dating profile. That should cut down on meeting up with women with Princess Syndrome.