The Unbeatable Beet?

What’s with the popularity of beets these days? I am traveling and many of the restaurants we go to have some type of beet special. Beet juice, beet salad, a beet smoothie? There always has to be some kind of food fad or diet fad to interest people but who loves beets? Are beets the new kale?


Maybe so. As this article points out, there are said to be many benefits of beets:

Beets — you just can’t beat them. A much-maligned vegetable for decades, the health benefits of beets have finally earned them the respect they deserve. Antioxidant betalains, which give beets their distinctive color, are also responsible making them a superfood. They provide an entire alphabet of vitamins, along with iron, magnesium, potassium and a host of other nutrients. As an added bonus they are chock-a-block full of fiber to help keep the digestive track flowing.

With the Kale craze came stories that said too much kale is bad for you and could even poison you. Every time one of these food fads come by, it seems that a couple of years , or months later, it comes out that too much is dangerous. People do not respond similarly to all foods and it seems wise to eat all of them in moderation. These fads may seem kind of silly, but they can be downright dangerous.



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