Are Dad Bods Really the New Six Pack?

Yes, according to this article at The Sun in the UK:

WOMEN have revealed the body type they really look for in men… and it looks like the dad bod is bang on trend.

A recent survey of over 2,000 women by Planet Fitness revealed that hunky blokes are out of luck, with the majority of women looking for a fella carrying a bit of extra timber.

But are dad bods really the new six pack?

A shocking 70 per cent of women said they prefer a man with love handles, with 78 per cent saying that fellas with less-toned bods are more confident.

Lads take note: maybe it’s time to quit the gym and get on a pints and pork scratchings diet…..

Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president of operations, said: “As a society we now champion the concept of body positivity, encouraging everyone to love their own bodies and celebrate what makes them unique – flaws and all.”


Do you really think this survey is true–that women prefer “dad bods”? Or maybe when you have a survey commissioned by Planet Fitness, one gets a skewed sample. After all, Planet Fitness’s slogan is: “The World Judges, We Don’t. At Planet Fitness, Be Free.” They also told one woman that she had to cover up because she intimidated guests by being too fit:

Is lack of intimidation by “dad bod” men the real reason that women say they like them? Because, it seems like women don’t treat men with a “dad bod” all that well, so I am not sure it is something to aspire to. The real question for men is not necessarily if women are initially attracted to men with “dad bods” but rather, do they treat men with “dad bods” better or worse in a relationship?


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