Rand Paul: Real Men Cut Taxes

YouTube screenshot of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Fox News.

Rand Paul has an exclusive at Breitbart in which he states that real men cut taxes:

Real men (as well as pull-no-punches women) cut taxes. The lesser mortals that tend to inhabit Washington wring their hands and get all weak in the knees when it comes to cutting taxes. Rumors are President Trump will propose a real tax cut. I certainly hope so.

Once upon a time, most Republicans believed in tax cuts. Somewhere along the way, inside the beltway especially, Republicans forgot about the benefits of cutting taxes. Republicans became more concerned with government keeping “its” revenue than letting the people keep their money.

Too many Republican have become timid about tax cuts, often spouting the milquetoast line of “revenue neutral tax cuts.”

Let me translate that little bit of Washington-speak for you. “Revenue neutral” tax cuts aren’t really tax cuts. It’s more like tax shifting. Some will pay more. Some will pay less. And the net effect will be that government will collect the same amount of taxes…..

We don’t need hundreds of special interests grabbing for goodies. We won’t need 2,000-page bills.

We need a big, bold tax cut.


As a small business owner, I just hope that Trump has the gumption (and I think he does) to cut rates for small business. The problem will probably not be Trump but the other mainstream Republicans who are afraid that they will look too masculine (and mean!) if they cut business taxes. This seems sexist — aren’t many businesses owned by women? Especially small businesses? Some of them do make enough money to pay top rates. Don’t these women (as well as men, of course) deserve tax relief too?



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