The Media actually called it Rape

I was surprised that the media headlines about a story of the rape of a cab driver actually used the word “rape” for female on male assault:

FINDLAY – A Fremont resident has been indicted on first-degree felony rape and aggravated robbery charges in Hancock County after police allege she raped a taxi driver during a robbery.

According to Findlay police, Brittany S. Carter, 23, entered a taxi around 4:24 a.m. on Jan. 28 with Cory L. Jackson, 20, of Lima, who held a knife at the male cab driver while Carter performed a sex act on him.

The incident occurred in the 200 block of Larkins Street in the city, according to Findlay police.

“We don’t know why she did it,” Findlay Detective Lt. Robert Ring said Friday of the sexual act. “Maybe it was a distraction because they took money from him.”


I am glad they actually used the word rape to describe what happened to the male cab driver. However, it is concerning that in this “Smoking Gun” article, there is a link to what looks like charges brought by the prosecuting attorney showing the victim’s name.

I thought rape shield laws might discourage naming victims or making it so easy to see who they are, but apparently not in this case.

What do readers think?


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