Dr. Helen

"No, she wasn’t the victim at all. She was the perpetrator."

It is so easy in today’s anti-male climate to frame a man that it took 4 trips to jail and a summer before this man was cleared of threatening his ex-girlfriend over Facebook:

His arrest must have come as a surprise. The first one, anyhow.

Police told him that he stalked his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Stephani Lawson.

They told him he violated a restraining order she had taken out of against him. They told him he threatened to kill her.

They told him he did all this via Facebook.

From September to December 2015, Tyler Parkervest was arrested four times, all stemming from these claims, the Orange County Register reported. He was charged with multiple felonies, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Which must have first been confusing, given that Parkervest didn’t do any of it.

Police grew suspicious of Lawson last May, when she testified during a preliminary hearing about some of the messages Parkervest had supposedly sent to her — one which included a particularly horrific claim.

“The Facebook messages threatened Lawson from testifying in court and one message stated a friend had fun raping Lawson’s daughter,” Dawson said.

But when she displayed screen grabs of the messages, some grew suspicious.

“One of my DA colleagues looked at it and said it doesn’t look right, and that triggered in our mind maybe we need to look into this further,” Deputy District Attorney Mark Geller told the City News Service.

We had to go around and around with them all summer until we got the documents we needed.

Finally, the woman was caught and sentenced to a year in jail but she ruined the boyfriend’s life and got away with it for months. How many other men are out there whose lives have been ruined or harmed by exes who were never found out like in this case.

If you are male in this society, all a woman has to do is point a finger at you and you are going down. And it doesn’t matter if you are rich, famous or good looking or all three, a woman’s word against you is all it takes to make a man guilty. If you doubt this, just ask Brad Pitt.