Dr. Helen

Not part of the 93%

Imagine my surprise when I read this PJM piece about a clinical psychologist who is opposed to people being forced to use gender neutral pronouns:

LGBT activists have a new public enemy number 1: Jordan B. Peterson. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto (formerly at Harvard). Peterson insists on choosing his own words (how tyrannical!) and objects to legislation forcing people to refer to LGBT individuals by their chosen pronouns. This is damnable heresy, and activists must denounce him as a “bigot.”

“Careless, ideologically-addled legislators are forcing us to use words we did not freely choose,” Peterson declared in an op-ed for The Hill. The Canadian professor admitted that there are reasonable restrictions on free speech — like prohibiting yelling “fire!” in a crowded room. “There is, however, a crucial difference between laws that stop people from saying arguably dangerous words and laws that mandate the use of politically-approved words and phrases.”


I once saw a statistic saying that around 93% of psychologists are liberals. Either Peterson is a psychologist who is liberal with some common sense or one of the other 7% of psychologists who don’t blindly follow liberal dogma.

Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for standing up for freedom of speech and for common sense.

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