Happy National Pumpkin Day

Maybe it’s time to get some relief from all the election news and turn to the important things in life: National Pumpkin Day:

Wednesday is National Pumpkin Day.
It’s the perfect time to carve a jack-o-lantern with Halloween just five days away.

Here are a few facts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture about pumpkins to celebrate the day:

· All 50 states produce pumpkins

· About half of the produced pumpkins in the U.S. is grown in six states

· U.S. farmers in the top six pumpkin-producing states produced 753.8 million pounds of pumpkins in 2015

· Pumpkin production dropped more than 40 percent from 2014 to 2015 largely due to a drop in acreage planted and harvested in Illinois

· Illinois remained the leading producer of pumpkins by acreage in 2015, with almost 80 percent of acres typically devoted to production for pie filling and processing uses.


What is the obsession with pumpkin spice products? Seriously, I don’t get it, do you?


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