Dr. Helen

Why Do Unmarried Women so Often look to the State as a Surrogate Husband?

I was reading today’s CNN presidential poll and noticed this:

Women break for Clinton (53% to 38%) while men shift Trump’s way (54% to 32%). Among women, those who are unmarried make up the core of her support, 73% of unmarried women back Clinton compared with just 36% of married women. Among men, no such marriage gap emerges, as both unmarried and married men favor Trump.

Unmarried women always seem to want a Democrat in office to serve as the husband they don’t have. Or perhaps married women like men better and don’t mind a politician who has more masculine traits, and thus are more willing to vote for a Republican man. I hope that the fact that both married and unmarried men are more wiling to vote for Trump means that he might have a chance at the White House.