Is Facebook Afraid of a Trump Presidency?

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is gathering up conservatives to have a meeting this Wednesday about the political bias allegations at Facebook:

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg will meet this week with prominent conservatives in the media, a spokesman said on Sunday, to address allegations of political bias at the popular social networking site.

Some 12 “conservative thought leaders” will join the meeting with Zuckerberg on Wednesday, a Facebook spokesman said. Among the invitees are media personality Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Dana Perino and Zac Moffatt, co-founder of Targeted Victory, a technology company that aims to bring transparency to media buying.


In an interesting twist, Breitbart headlines that anti-Trump conservatives such as Glenn Beck are meeting with Zuckerberg:

It is also important to point out that nearly every “leading conservative” listed above who has accepted and confirmed their attendance on Wednesday is part of the anti-Trump or “Never Trump” movement. The move to invite from this school of “conservatives” flies in the face of Zuckerberg’s claim of creating a diverse group for the discussion.

One exception is Moffatt, who has stated his willingness to work with Trump. “Of course we would work for the RNC under Trump,” Moffatt said.

Beck has vehemently opposed Trump, going so far as calling him Hitler, but announced last week that “Donald Trump is going to be the next president.”

Is this the real reason that Zuckerberg is meeting with conservatives, particularly the anti-Trump ones? I think he is afraid, like Beck, that Trump will be president. Then, what will he and his capitalist cronies on the left such as Google, etc. do when they no longer have the protective cover of the Obama presidency?


Perhaps the anti-Trump people can align themselves with him, or at least give him some cover and insight into looking “fair and balanced” at Facebook. If it looked like Bernie Sanders, or even Hillary, was going to win, would he even have this meeting?


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