Dr. Helen

Why Are Millennial Men Such 'Wimps'? Take Two

Michael Walsh has a post here at PJM asking this question and linking to a political commentator at The Blaze who wondered the same thing:

Tomi Lahren, a 23-year-old political commentator for The Blaze, ended her show by raising the following question:

“Is it just me, or have men gotten really soft these days?”

She goes on:

“This has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with the helplessness of today’s young men. It seems few can change a light bulb let alone fix a flat tire or change oil, and that makes for pretty slim pickings for the females out there looking for a match.

Chivalry is all but dead, and so is manliness. And by the way, wearing a flannel shirt and having a beard doesn’t make you a man if you still can’t change a tire and are scared of the dark. It seems like millennial men either don’t have jobs or are still using their parents’ credit cards to buy us drinks at the bar…

So whose fault is it? Is it our fault, ladies? Are we getting too strong? Nah, I don’t buy that. See, a real man knows how to handle a strong woman, so this isn’t our problem. Maybe it’s the way boys are raised these days: fatherless homes and no male role models. It’s hard to learn how to be a man with no man around.”

“Please teach your sons to be men, because the women of the world are tired of the boys.”

As if this tired analysis isn’t enough, Walsh adds the real kicker:“You go, girl!” Yeah, that will really inspire the men of America to “man up” and become real men.

This response to men from women like Tomi Lahren who complain that men are no good these days (and who deny any responsibility while apparently being willing to use a man’s parent’s credit card for drinks!) and men like Walsh who encourage this woman’s narcissistic reaction without understanding or caring about the misandric legal and political culture and how it affects young men these days — that is the real problem.