Dr. Helen

Five Reasons to Love Daylight Saving Time

I am always amazed when I hear people say they don’t like Daylight Saving Time. What’s not to like? Sure, you lose an extra hour today — but who cares? Here are my five reasons to love Daylight Saving Time:

1) You get to eat an hour earlier. I usually eat breakfast at 8:30, but this morning it was 7:30 until I changed the clock and realized it was time to eat.

2) I got to try out my new clock setting on the new car I just bought. They told me at the Mercedes dealership it would change automatically and it did! With the old car, I had to pull out the manual or look up online how to go in and change the time settings. It was a pain.

3) Less afternoon slump. Usually around 3:00, I am fatigued and miss out on working, out but at 3:00 today, it will feel like 2:00 so I am more likely to feel like exercising.

4) Seasonal Affective Disorder improves … and finally;

5) It’s lighter at night and easier to do things!

What’s not to like about Daylight Saving Time?