Dr. Helen

Wasn't One of the Suspects a Woman?

I thought it was interesting how few people or media mentioned that one of the San Bernardino suspects is a woman. For example: here is one headline: “Gunmen ‘Didn’t Say a Word’ Before San Bernardino Shooting, Survivor’s Parents Say” and one of the victim’s husbands stated: “The guy came in next to her office and I guess started shooting,” Aguilera said, adding that his wife and others locked themselves in her office.”

USA Today did mention the woman in a headline: “Unusual detail in San Bernardino shooting: One suspect is a woman” and pointed out that women comprise 6% of mass shooting suspects.

However, often in these cases, no one realizes that a woman is involved or if she is, men made her do it and she, gullible person that she is, just went along with no forethought. People think that women have little or no agency to carry out these attacks or criminal acts. Even police often can’t believe that a woman is involved. They could not be more wrong.