Mark Perry's top ten gender charts of the year for 2014

Economist Mark Perry posts on his gender charts for 2014:

2014 was a very interesting year for gender-related issues that included former White House press secretary Jay Carney struggling (squirming?) at a press conference in April to defend the 13% gender pay gap at the White House at a time when Obama was busy signing two executive orders concerning fair pay for women working for federal contractors, a perennial debate about how much gender discrimination contributes to the unadjusted 23% gender pay gap nationally, a media frenzy about an alleged campus sexual assault/rape epidemic, an op-ed about the “supposed campus epidemic of rape” by George Will that stirred up a national controversy and elicited a response from four Democratic senators and resulted in Will’s syndicated column being dropped by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and a horrific, but later discredited, report in Rolling Stone magazine about a gang rape of a female University of Virginia student by seven different men in a fraternity house while the victim was lying on shards of glass. To help summarize last year’s top gender-related stories, I present here my Top Ten Gender Charts of the Year for 2014.


Check the charts out here.


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