Dr. Helen

5 'Comfortable' Lies Behind the Men's Rights Movement

One of the PJM editors sent me a piece from some site called “Cracked” where a misinformed columnist by the name of “JF Sargent” took the liberty of talking to a couple of “experts” about the men’s rights movement. The two with whom he spoke? Professional man-hater Michael Kimmel, author of a title put out by Nation Books called Angry White Men, and another guy, some former white supremacist:

Holy shit, yes. I spoke to Frank Meeink, a former white supremacist, and Michael Kimmel, a professor of sociology, about the men’s rights movement, and I found out that it has less in common with any civil rights or equality movement than it does with goddamn neo-Nazis.

JF goes on to describe some “truths” about the men’s movement: it is for the insecure and for men who hate women, hate everyone, have no sense of consequences(!), don’t have a real position and don’t care. He learned these things from a neo-Nazi and a guy who writes for the Nation, so they must be true!

Now, certainly, JF couldn’t be bothered to talk to some real men’s rights experts such as Warren Farrell , Paul Nathanson, and Glenn Sacks. That would have destroyed his comfortable “truths” and may have required him to think outside his little world at “Cracked.” He may have found out that men are deprived of their due process at colleges in this country, that false rape charges occur with few consequences, that paternity fraud is prevalent, and that men often lose their children and their property in marriage even if they did nothing wrong. But that would put a kink in his worldview and could put his career at “Cracked” in jeopardy or cause him to get some angry feedback from women, and that would not be acceptable. Besides, men aren’t allowed to complain or join in the dialog; all they can do, according to this guy, is talk about the “exquisite joy of scratching your own balls…”

What is this guy’s rant on the men’s movement really about? It is about only letting women and their sycophants have the monopoly on the discussion of the sexes in the legal and psychological arena. This guy fell for it and will continue to do so. Those of us who are more enlightened will realize that men have real legal and societal complaints here and that they need to be addressed by real grown-ups. There will be those like this JF guy, Kimmel and some neo-Nazi that enjoy basking in the feminist and PC glow that their criticisms bring. But reality will set in at some point, if not for them, then for other men and their loved ones who realize that it is types like this JF guy who are “Cracked” and the rest of us need to work on real solutions to the types of issues that men are facing in our modern world.