Men on Strike in L.A.?


I was at an L.A. cafe rooftop deck where a couple of guys were sitting with two pretty twenty-something women. The men got up after chugging a few beers and laughing with the women. They left and the girls stayed drinking and smoking (!) for a bit. Finally, the waiter came over to one of the girls to bring the check. The pretty brunette in a knit hat looked up and asked, “Did the guys pay for their beers?” “Yes”, the waiter said. “But only their own beers?” asked the girls. “Yes, only for their own beers,” the waiter said.


The girls looked annoyed and reluctantly pulled out their wallets, realizing that the two guys they had been laughing with over drinks had paid for themselves and split. I watched the girls, amused at the idea that they figured two cute girls were entitled to free drinks wherever they went. Apparently, many twenty-something girls think that it’s up to the guy to pay for their drinks. But perhaps it never entered these L.A. guys’ minds to do that. It was refreshing. I sat back and ate my salad, thinking that in some way these guys were either onto the game or just on strike.

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