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How Would the Male Pill Change Things?

Hans Solo over at JustFourGuys blog explores how the male pill will change the reproductive rights of men:

Let’s imagine what life would be like with a male “pill”:

Men will only become fathers if they choose to.

Gold digging whores will lapse into depression as they fuck rich men over and over to no avail–the child-support lottery will be closed.

Men will laugh in the face of women when they’re caught red-handed poking holes in the condom. Agree and amplify: ”Here, use these” as you hand her a pair of scissors.

Putting all young males on this would do away with most unwanted teen pregnancies.

Fewer unintended pregnancies…and fewer intended abortions.

Statutory female rapists would no longer get child support from their younger male victims because they wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.